• Founders: Jordan Furniss, Derek Carr & Taylor Moss
  • Headquarters: Los Angeles, California
  • Year Founded: 2012
  • Year Romulus Invested: 2013

Estify provides auto repair estimation software that brings body shops into the digital age. Founded in 2012, Estify is disrupting one of the country’s most archaic industries: the automotive collision repair market. Its flagship product, Estify Transfer, links estimate data from insurance companies to body shops, significantly reducing the time and increasing the accuracy of the “rekeying” process. By helping collision repair shops automate the data entry process, Estify helps them save both time and money.

Estify also creates solutions for original equipment manufacturers, which use Estify’s software to analyze their equipment and ensure that it is performing as safely as possible on the road.

The Romulus-Estify story: We met Estify through the Amplify accelerator in Los Angeles. LA is a hotbed for emerging startups and great talent, and we’d been actively looking to partner with exciting businesses in the area. The Estify founders were a unique case; while many of their peers were building glittery consumer technologies that fit the Silicon Beach fold, the Estify team was building enterprise software for mechanics in dingy auto repair shops. “It’s rare to find a team that is passionate about both auto collision and cutting-edge cloud software,” says Neil. Our focus on bringing technology to large, antiquated industries aligned with the founders’ vision, and so we partnered with the company in 2013. Since then, we’ve helped the founders design new products and acquire new types of customers, but most importantly we have continued to ensure the team has identified and recruited best-in-class talent from the tech and auto collision worlds.

Romulus value in action: Executing. Estify is shaking up one of the most archaic, technology-resistant industries in the world by delivering efficiency to its auto body shop customers. Estify itself operates in a highly efficient manner; each member of the leadership team is responsible for a very different facet of the company.

Recruiting Your All-Star Team

In just two years, a lot has changed for Jordan Furniss.

In 2014, Furniss was bringing his startup to market after years of diligence and production. Furniss co-founded Estify while still in college at Brigham Young University, and, indeed, the company began with an accident: after a minor collision, Furniss needed to have his car repaired. A full day of frustrating visits to auto body shops, long waits, and varying cost estimates later, he may not have had a fixed car, but he did have an idea: to use technology to streamline and simplify the repair estimation process, making navigating the aftermath of a car accident easier and more efficient for body shops and car owners alike. That idea became Furniss’ company: Estify…

Giving auto shops a new tool to estimate repair costs reaps $6.3M for Estify

Estify, a company that’s developed a new tool for auto repair businesses to better gauge the cost of its services for insurance claims, has raised $6.3 million in new financing.

It’s a way for car repair businesses to get payouts from insurers faster and better service customers.

And, at least until autonomous vehicles are a reality, it’s a service that’s becoming increasingly important. Mainly because U.S. drivers are really awful…