Disruptor Beam

  • Founders: Jon Radoff
  • Headquarters: Framingham, MA
  • Year Founded: 2010
  • Year Romulus Invested: 2012

Disruptor Beam creates games based on well-loved literary and television series, beaming players into the worlds they love. By linking game content to TV episodes and books, Disruptor Beam allows players to become living members of environments they already know and follow. Users access games through social networks such as Facebook and next-generation mobile devices.

Disruptor Beam’s original game, Game of Thrones Ascent, was followed by a Star Trek-based game called Star Trek Timelines. In 2017, it will release its brand-new game, The Walking Dead: March to War, based on the hit AMC TV show.

The Disruptor Beam-Romulus story: We were introduced to Jon through another gaming industry founder from our portfolio. Krishna notes, “I remember sitting in Andela Cafe in Central Square, listening to this pioneer of social gaming tell me about his vision for narrative storytelling using licensed content. It just made sense as a way to de-risk the hits-driven downside that gaming companies often face.” We not only became Jon’s first institutional investor—we also brought him his first engineer. “My housemate, an engineer, had been telling me how amazing Game of Thrones was, and also how he wanted to leave his company for a new gig,” recalls Krishna. “I advised him to join Disruptor Beam immediately!”

Romulus value in action: Engineering. Disruptor Beam engineered a new niche in gaming from its earliest days, when it secured an exclusive license to develop the Game of Thrones game on Facebook. It continues to architect its trajectory with a conviction that is rare in today’s gaming industry.

Bloomberg Markets: Disruptor Beam Launching ‘The Walking Dead’

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‘Star Trek Timelines’ game maker Disruptor Beam raises $8.5M

Disruptor Beam has raised another $8.5 million to turn some of the best-known entertainment franchises into mobile games.

It released its first title, Game of Thrones Ascent, in 2013, with Star Trek Timelines following last year. (The latter offers a particularly novel approach to Star Trek, combining space combat with roleplaying elements as characters from different TrekTV shows and movies are thrown together thanks to a convenient temporal anomaly.)…